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Saturday, May 26, 2007

I was scanning and deleting my father's files in my flash disk 'coz i'm the owner now. Haha. I found my folder.. and ohhh, I saw the graphics I made when I was in 2nd yr high school, it was our project. I'm not a good editor at that time but I just remembered the good ol' days :)

My New Alma Mater
Monday, May 21, 2007

My New Alma Mater

Are you already in college? Have you ever experienced the thrill of being in a different level in your school life? Well then, let me share to you what it's like to be in one of the most competitive nursing schools in the country.

I have already started my college life only last month. I started taking up summer classes in MSH-CMAFI with three minor subjects. My first impression of MSH is that it's a bit small school and that students annoy me when I see them busy to death. But then as I started to have my first days, I began to make new friends in school and make new relationships with my new teachers. I find it really interesting to know more facts about this school so I started to observe. As what I have noticed, MSH is a very conservative school, having tight rules and regulations as to what their religion imposed. MSH is a Seventh - day Adventist institution and it's kind of' hard for me to liven up with the rules since I'm an Orthodox Christian. Grading systems were a major holocaust for me since I have to strive hard to get the target grades for every subject, be it minor or major subjects. Although I have no major subjects yet. Teachers here are really kind and approachable and I can call them really friendly. They see to it that they mold their students into better people and become competitive health care professionals in the near future. The students of MSH are really into their course that you would seldom see them loitering in the school corridors except on their free time. The school tried to upgrade students with updated service systems like the grade express where students can just swipe their I.D. barcode on the back and voila! They can already see their grades. The school cafeteria and mini-mart sees to it that they can give students the proper nutrition they need. I enjoy hanging out in the library since it's really conducive and the references are all complete. The DSA never fails to discipline students in a good way and the Guidance Counselor Services always makes the best out of their profession by giving students the right advices. Everything in MSH envelops me that it's overwhelming to become part of this lovely school for even just four years of my life.

Right now, I am still in the process of seeing more stuff about MSH since my time is not enough to observe everything. But I am sure that eventually, as I will start my first semester and for the rest of my college days in MSH, I would not fail my school's expectations of the students and I would never fail to love my new Alma Mater as I am already loving it now.


That was my Essay for my English subject. Haha. I just want to post it for remembrance and this is due tomorrow. We'll be having our 1st exam this afternoon. Goodluck to me.. cross your fingers guys.
Anyway, my dad companied my grandma to cebu yesterday with my little brother and sister and they'll be back this friday :( i'm all alone here in our room but my aunt and my cousins are here to comfort me and help me do the chores. haha. Am I helping? too lazy to help. Sorry XD
Mother's Day
Sunday, May 13, 2007


I miss my mom na. She's still in Cebu right now :(
Tagged by tsina
Wednesday, May 02, 2007

List down at least 5 funny thoughts/funny things you did as a kid then choose 10 people to tag. No tagbacks.

1. I gave my mom a 3-digit number for nothing. She bet in swertres and fortunately, she won. Haha.

2. It was my 3rd birthday. I pushed someone in the stairs and fell down because he/she didn't brought any presents >:(

3. I used to speak English and didn't understand vernacular.

4. I already know how to play chess at the age of 3 and I won over my dad.

5. When I was in pre-school, high school students asked my name and told them that my name is Michelle Vann Emeren. Haha. that was pretty weird.

Ok! Tapos na..
I tag eunice, hani, kitty, miyu, rachel, rica, mishi, alyanna, yvette, paeng.