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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Expect Nothing :)

I was supposed to expect nothing but it turned out I'm expecting for a surprise. Sheeez. Actually, while I was having my duty, far from Iligan City, on the 14th day of Feb, I'm not expecting you to travel for more than an hour just to visit me or send some roses and chocolates or what-so-ever valentine gift because I know that it's enough for me to hear your voice. :)

But today is kinda different. Uhhhh, I'm still accepting presents? HAHA. But nothing happened. No surprises made by him and it made me sad. I should get used to this :P I bet no one could really give me a bouquet of beautiful flowers until my wedding day. Pffft. Anyway, thanks to my mom for sharing the chocolates..


Last Case Presentation
Friday, February 11, 2011

A score of A is worth of all the sleepless nights and eye bags. That's what you called team work, baby!

I haven't slept for almost 2 days for our case presentation and as I've observed, all of my groupmates were working their ass off but I guess, Nica and I are the one who's working the brains off since we are both assigned on the Pathophysiology and Nursing Care Plans, respectively. Haha.

Thank you Lord!♥