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Fantasy Land
Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dapitan is such a wonderful place to spend summer vacation with your family.

I really had a great time :) I thought we'll be staying there for a week. Haha. I almost forgot that I still have my duty tomorrow! :)) But I'm home now and I'll be sharing to you my experiences there & you can also view our not-so-many pictures in my multiply. :)
We stayed at Bajamunde Pension House, it's a very cool place to stay and very affordable ^_^ We enjoyed the whole night at Gloria de Dapitan, Fantasy Land - mini Disneyland - but, it's quite big to me. I can't even imagine how big & more enjoyable the real Disneyland would be. LOL! We've tried the Horror House, the scariest experience that ever happened to me there. It was like REAL! There faces were the scariest face I've ever seen. ugh! The funny part was I tripped and my slipper fell from my foot. Haha. I was so brave to go back and look for my slipper. :)
We've also tried the Galleon Ship, Go Kart, Rollercoaster, Bumper Cars, and many more. I'm inviting you all to visit Fantasy Land, I bet you'll enjoy it. :)

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Summer Outing
Friday, May 14, 2010

Just in time for my next trip to Dapitan with my Family :)

I just got home from my 2nd week OR/DR duty in Baroy, LDN. Anyway, I got my 3rd major case there, AMPUTATION - I feel sorry for the 10-year-old kid, getting his big toe amputated T_T he's too young!! You know guys, you should be very careful with your body. Be very careful not to tripped because it can probably lead to the same case the little boy had.

So, I'll be updating my blog when I come back, maybe tomorrow. ♥

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Election '1o
Monday, May 10, 2010

I was excited to vote for my president down to our city mayor, etc because my cousin told me that it was so easy to vote. All you have to do is go to your precinct no. and vote, so that's what I thought.

We arrived there exactly 9:30AM and it was already crowded, I didn't imagine that kind of crowd. They only have 4 PCOS available and I think there are more than 2000 registered voters in our area. OMG!! At that time, 30 voters were done and many to go. My priority number was 292. I am way too far. I felt hopeless at that time. I went home and slept. After so many hours, we went back there at 2PM but the number was only at 115. ugh!! I got irritated - it was smelly out there, people were smoking everywhere and heat is radiating down my spine - and went back home again. For the 3rd time, I went back to the precinct with my cousin to see if they've already moved on to Number 275 at least. The time was 6PM and they were still at 244. I've asked myself many times what took them so long to vote! Shoot. I thought using PCOS makes voting a lot easier and faster but what happened was it made the voting harder and slower. T_T
We were falling in a single line but after 2 minutes, it went 10 lines. UGH! They can't understand instructions. They were always complaining and screaming but they’re just making it worst. It went congested and felt like you were trap. No fresh oxygen, I only smelled their foul body odor and their sweats were sticky that touched our skins. I can’t move and all I can say is that I've sacrificed my sweat, body, and LUNGS for this day.

To all those who WON their designated positions:
"Pagtarong mong tanan kay galisod mi og gipang kapoy mi og vote ninyo, kay kun dili ma piti jud mo!"