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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Almost 2 years that I haven't posted nor updated my life and I miss blogging so much.

Anyway, I wanted to share what happened to my life for the past months. :)
Last Jan 2012, I went to Cebu to work as a call center representative for a year and 2 months. Lots of first times happened: Work, away from home, living independently, living with boyfriend, no curfews, money, etc. So many to mention. But the point is I enjoyed it.
High paying kind of work but very stressful. Some people think that working in a bpo is "hayahay" which is so not true. There will always be a pros and cons ; positive and negative. While I was there working my ass, I used to think how laid-back I was back home and I miss being like that. Hmmm. Good thing being away is that I don't have curfews or no parent will call me what time I'll be going home and I don't have to worry if someone will open the gate/door for me. I could buy stuffs I want and that's a good feeling. Being able to help my siblings when they're in need.

Without my boyfriend, I don't think I can survive. Thank you so much my Paeng. Well, living with him is not that bad. I get to know him more so that in the future (like living together permanently), we'll know how it works. :) Both of our parents knew and it's happiness because they respect it. Now, We're back home and I feel stagnant. No money, no work. I miss it there. I miss working. I miss living life with Paeng. Haaay. I wanna go back honestly.

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