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Monday, October 24, 2011

What a lame lame lame SUPER lame me.

I was so wrong by introducing my gift-SLASH-surprise [the blog that I made] in that way. Pfft. It was really lame, it didn't surprised you after all. I think you're not happy with that, and I'm sorry if it was just plain. But I guarantee you that it was all pure and I've made it a month before our anniversary and took me 4 days to think what would I post, so then I started posting on the 27th until that day. -__- I don't know why I'm feeling this, is it because I didn't hear any thank you's from you or is it because you didn't talk about it. Oh well, I guess it was pretty lame.
Wind Blows
Friday, October 07, 2011

I actually abandoned you for almost two months because I'm just too tired to write about my life. Anyway, a lot happened lately.

I'm now making money by selling snacks just outside the house and it's fun. I actually made friends and met my neighbors. Lol. My boyfriend, cousin, and mom helped me out, so it's quite cool. Benny, my puppy, is the reason why I have to make lots and lots of money. For his vaccinations and everything. Well, unfortunately, he just left me here in this world without any warning. :( I still miss him.

God has plans for everything and I believe in that. By having Benny for a quite sometime, I learned a lot. I learned to be patient, responsible, more loving, more caring, and many more. Thank you my Benny and I love you forever!

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