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The AFTER stress
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So glad that Summer's WARD duty is over. Finished! and I've survived :D

The last week of our duty was kind of tough and challenging which I enjoyed the most. And next week, I'll be having my OR/DR duty for 3 weeks in different hospitals and I'm excited. Haha. I'm sick of making concept maps and NCP's everyday T__T and starting today, let the change begin :) No more sleepless nights!


Summer 2o1o
Thursday, April 22, 2010

I miss you BLOGGY!

And I've got so many stories to tell :D So, I'll start from the day I stopped blogging.

As you've read on my previous post, I wanted to pass NCM101 so that I can have my psychia exposure. Well, yeah I did. We had our Psychia at CEBU and it was really fun. We were the 1st batch and it was on November 8 - 27, 2009. Unfortunately, I didn't brought my cam with me since the flash broke. ugh! But you can find my pictures on my FB which I copied from my friend's album :) The funny part was we were caught by a police due to JayWalking and it was embarrassing!! *OMG* He blowed his whistle at us in the middle of the crowd which means many people were walking and at the same time, looking at us. That was my first time and hopefully would be my last. The fact is, we really don't know the traffic rules T_T .. We were in a hurry that time since we had a curfew and the Police Officer told us that we'll just pay him Php50/each and we did but he didn't gave us ticket. He's mean!! After that incident, we were doubtful on crossing the road. LOL. I also met my old friends there and we hanged out a lot of time.

When we got home, we started classes again on the following week, then exams, duties. Last December, my 2 cousins got married and we had parties, almost everyday. Haha. Anyway, I turned 19 last January and I'm beginning to get older. OH! I spent my Valentine's Day with my boyfriend and my family. Then, on March, I took care of my thesis which is not yet finished until now. T__T and I'm happy that I passed NCM102.

Summer '1o is another experience that I'm going to share and live with. :D I'm currently enrolled to NCM103 which is all about Related Learning Experience which means every week, we'll have our duty in a Hospital. For 3 weeks, we'll be having our ward duty then another 3 weeks will be OR/DR duty. For today's case, I only stayed at home (sleeping, eating, blogging) because I'm too lazy to go out. LOL. And I'll be updating my blog as much as I can.

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